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WEB-BASED Transportation planning

An everyday tool for data-driven planning. Test your region’s future. See and share the impacts.


What if

Ask “What if...?” questions about microtransit, demand responsive transit, congestion pricing, autonomous vehicles, and more.


Test how people adapt to changing infrastructure and land use. Then visualize, share, and chat about these futures.

Choose your data

Fuse your choice of open and proprietary data sources.

About CityCast

CityCast simulates daily activities for representative people and routes them along a multimodal transportation network point-to-point, minute-by-minute.



Create new scenarios quickly and easily. Change the number of households and jobs, edit streets and transit service, or drop a new development at a specific point.

Click Run, and we'll do the rest.


Explore and analyze your scenarios.

Look at network links and transit routes on the fly to see who uses them, what their income is, where they started and ended their trip, and what paths they took.



Our team is ready to support you using our searchable documentation and chat app inside CityCast.


We want to tell you all about it


our mission

Build a place for people to share, visualize, and chat about the future of their city.